What kind of process is it to make a wooden map?

Making a map involves a lot of handcraft. Here are the steps (after the city is drawn) :

- At first we choose a suitable plywood panel. If the map is black, we stain the panel. Then we put it into a laser cutter, and run a cutting program. If the map color is natural, we sand the map at this point. Then we check that everything is fine and clean the map from dust. After that we attach double- sided tapes on the back of it. Finally we pack the map in a cardboard box with wall mounting instructions. Now the map is ready to go.

My city is not in the list, why?

- We are all the time drawing new cities. At the moment we are drawing new cities from European and North American countries. If you have a certain city in your mind, you can send us e-mail and ask when your city could be ready. 

Can I order a map from whatever city I want?

Yes you can. Go to a section: "Wooden map of my own choice" There you will find the instructions.

What means customized product, and why it has a longer delivery time?

Customized products are products that are personalized, such as a "wooden map of my own city" or "custom made poster hanger" They are unique products and take time to make. That is the reason for longer delivery time.

Can I use other hanging methods that double-sided tape?

Yes, you can also for example hang the map with a nail. However, the tape has been found functional, because the wood may bend when the humidity varies and the tape keeps it straight.

If I remove the map later, does the tape break the wall? 

Tape is strong, but it is usually possible remove it without damaging the wall. A sharp knife is a good aid in removing the tape. You should never attach the tape on a wallpaper.